Born in the industrial sand dune city of Gary, Indiana (Michael Jackson’s home town) and raised in a nearby dune community. Campbell Collins, later nicknamed Duner, played in the sand with his dogs and learned music from his teachers and band mates. His first original song was “I Lied” (age 14) “I said I wanted only you, … but I lied to you” a little edgy for a kid who barely had logged a first kiss.

Duner co-formed The Contrast with three neighbor-friends and cut his teeth playing local venues - was briefly managed by Chuck Finley, the Oakland A’s Baseball pitcher.

Other bands came and went through college and ended up with his last groups (Fist, and The 2night Show) in San Diego where he co-formed the company Soundtrax recording and productions with partner engineer J. B. Papageorge. At Soundtrax, they enjoyed music supervisor and producing roles: writing, choosing, producing music for clients from local bands to major ad agencies, TV, and radio stations. Clients included the US Navy, SeaWorld, Jazzercize, and McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, Y&R agencies.

Duner moved to Los Angeles, formed a production company with major recording studio complex The Village Recorder and got lost in a TV career while beginning to write the songs that would be on his inaugural EP (2011 release). After pacting with Hollywood composer/producer legend Craig Harris (Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, Braveheart) the two jumped onboard with Soundelux to form new music entity MusikDeleux, which later became Q Music Collective (providing music to most networks plus many film and online projects).

All the while he was getting to know the composers “Q” represented to TV/film studios, and set up production deals for the songs on his new EP. On a Halloween night he met his artist wife Mars who collaborates on all creative and business output.

Because Duner is not a pro audio engineer he collaborated (his preferred method as song maker) with folks adept in the audio arts. Starting with a recent Berklee School of Music and Musicians Institute (M.I.) grad he completed the first song After Me that included some tony sound design
and recording at the Todd-AO Vine Street Studios in Hollywood. After Me opens the album with a “One Minute Movie” that sets up the song’s story.

Next, and the first of the Q composer collaborations, came Countdown, a poetic take on nuclear devastation with composer/twins Jeff and Greg Burns, part of the composition team on television’s long running “NCIS.” The Burnzes deftly made the music and Duner handled the vocal production including the spookily dark vamp at song’s end.

Third came Nightmare, the second composer collaboration, with Euro style multi-credited Swedish born composer Mikael Sandgren, then of Soundelux DMG. The song addresses politics and trust while encompassing the reigns of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama.

Fourth is the dark novelty song self-produced with young Electronic producer Jonathan Lozano called Dead Woman that was inspired by a cartoon in the “death” issue of National Lampoon magazine.

Last is Istanbul, the “Midnight Express” film inspired track produced by MTV composer Chuck Henry with significant contributions by 21 year old Indian born Wunderkind “Special K” Anand.

Throughout, there are multiple cinematic influences and rocktronic project expressions.

It is the first original album from Duner - a multi-hyphenated Hollywood media artist who loves to get his toes in the sand so much he keeps a sand box of his hometown sand at home at all times.
[Dracula are you listening? Sand is soooo much cleaner.]

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